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"No matter how little money

     and how few possessions

  you own, having a dog

                  makes  you rich"

                     ~Louis Sabin~

Customer Testimonials

~   I have used animal communicators many times and Kelley is by far the most generous and succinct with her readings of my horse. She uses very specific language to relay to me what my horse shows her so that I can improve his quality of life and have a good laugh as well. For instance, there was a blonde female with a ponytail who was "short of stature" who was around my horse with some regularity.  My horse thought that she was uncomfortable around him and it worried him as he didn't want any humans to be afraid of him.  After much thought, I couldn't figure out who this could be. Finally, when I was telling the story to the barn owner, she told me that her two and a half year old daughter would play with the barn kittens during the evening barn check and would routinely stand in front of my horse's stall and cry when she couldn't keep up with them. She's short, blond and has a pony tail.  My horse did not see her as a child, just a short human, and that is how Kelley relayed the information to me.  The barn owner decided that they would give my horse some "extra loving" on their routine barn checks and now the little girl and my horse are best friends! 


It doesn't get any better than that!  Thank you, Kelley, for your insights and your kindness -- you have a true gift and I will check back in with you often! ~

Alice and Justin


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