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 ~ I had wanted an animal communicator to ask Limerick some questions for me but because I cannot hear, I wasn’t able to do a conventional reading over the phone with the one or two animal communicators I’ve read about As soon as I found out Kelley worked through email, I was in. 


All the information I received from Limerick was spot-on and fascinating. I was surprised to hear that she is so protective of me because I feel the same way about her, but after paying closer attention to the way she behaved when I went out to the pasture to retrieve her later that day (among other things, she placed her body between me and a nearby high-strung horse that was extremely riled up), I realized it was true. Also, in the reading, Lim mentioned that an upper back molar was bothering her. Last July my vet partially removed a very large hook in the same location, then removed the rest of it in October—or so she said. I had a nagging feeling that she had not completed the work and it looks like I am right. Limerick will be seeing another equine dentist in February. ~




Customer Testimonials

~ Wow Kelley! You really picked up on the essence and personalities of my animals. I was so touched by the heart felt communications from my animals that it brought tears (of joy) to my eyes. Having you chat with my beloved beasties was a very enriching experience and i will definitely have you do a reading on my other animals soon. 


Thanks So Much! SvA

~ Kelley was amazing! My horses must have loved "talking" with her since she nailed each of them perfectly! Kelley is a great resource to have for any animal owner. I got such peace of mind knowing that the horses are happy.~


Lori Mitchell

Moxie Equestrian Mobile

State Manager, Colorado


"No matter how little money and

          how few possessions you own,

     having a dog makes you rich."

                           ~~Louis Sabin

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