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"Aquiring a dog may be the only

              opportunity a human ever

        has to choose a relative."


           ~~ Mordecai Wyatt Johnson

About Kelley

My emergence into the field of animal communication was bittersweet. My best friend (who happened to be a horse) had experienced a severe colic and had to be put down. During the process of waiting for the vet to show up and administer the shot, I clearly heard a conversation unlike any that I had ever experienced prior to that moment in time. In the following weeks, I found that there was a name for what I had experienced: animal communication. My horse opened a door for me but it was up to me to walk through it. 


I studied, took classes, read books and telepathically spoke with every animal I encountered to fine- tune and develop my awakened abilities. People began to seek me out and ask me to help them with their pets on everything from injuries and illness, behavioral or emotional problems, to death and the dying process. I formally accepted my role in service to animals and their humans in 1997 and it’s been the most rewarding choice I have ever made.


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