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" There is no psychiatrist

        in the world like a puppy

                  licking your face."

                        ~~Bern Williams


      Customer Testimonials

~ I've always been curious about animal communication, but have had reservations about having a reading done by an animal communicator, until a friend told me about Kelley and what a wonderful gift she has with them.


I adopted a BLM mustang a few years ago and through working with her, discovered that there were a few areas of training she was resistant to and afraid of. The trainers had their theories and I had mine, but it was mostly speculation, since we didn't really know her history and what she experienced before I adopted her.


Kelley tapped into Curly Sue's energy and confirmed what we had expected, but Curly Sue also wanted me to know that she was trying hard to overcome her fears. It was part of her memory and soul she was trying to let go of.


Kelley picked up on things so specific to my horse alone that I hadn't told her about, there was no doubt in my mind that she was having a conversation with Curly Sue. I found myself both smiling and tearful at the detail she wrote in her email to me. Kelley's insight has helped create a stronger relationship between Curly Sue and me and for that I am so grateful.~


Ginny McDonald


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