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"There is something

 about the outside

 of a horse that is

 good for the inside

 of a man"

 ~Winston Churchill~

Welcome Friends,


My Communication Process:


I prefer to work long distance with no visual or verbal input during the process, all you need to do is drop me an email and we can get started. I have clients on the other side of the world as well as right here in Colorado. Thought is energy and can be transmitted around the world as easily as across a room, using only telepathy when doing a communication, also called “reading”. I find that the distraction of visually seeing the animal and observing the behavior and any obvious physical issues takes away from the validity of the reading.


I do not like working with their human on the phone for the same reason, as the human out of excitement will tend to give information and speak over the animal thus defeating the purpose of the intention of the communication. 


I work with a list of specific questions that the animal’s human has provided. I will also need the name, age, and coloring of the animal companion.


Photos are always welcome as this information helps with the initial connection. As energy never dies, I also have the ability to hear deceased animals just as clearly as those in physical life. 


Please note, I am not a veterinarian  and therefore, I am unable to diagnose illness, however, I will relay exactly what the animal companion is saying and feeling which can be presented to a qualified health professional for his or her medical opinion. 


Finally, I am not a trainer yet I have found that many clients have commented on how behavior has changed for the better just by my speaking with their animal companion. My theory is that when you make an effort from the heart to deepen your relationship, the animal companion will make every effort to show that he is appreciative of your efforts and that he heard what your concerns are and is willing to work with you on it. Animals have so much to say, and so much to teach us. We just need to listen with our hearts and open our minds to receive the information… they’ve been waiting for us! 


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